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Haasz Automall Customer Testimonials

Check out these testimonials from some of our other Haasz Automall family members...

“I bought my 03 Sebring in for a loud noise in the front and for front brakes. The noise was not related to the brakes and at first the car would not make the noise I was referring to. The Tech Jim, was concerned about the noise I was complaining about and asked to go for a ride with me because he could not hear the noise I was referring to. Finally while on our ride, the car made the noise. Jim spent a lot of time searching the car to make sure there was no issues. He could not find any. He did grease up the front end up really good and NO Noise anymore! YAY!! I was told that I had nothing to fear while driving the car and that i was safe. Whew...That is what I wanted to hear. Also, as far as the brakes ( pads and rotors) are concerned that was replaced. If this is the way this car should have driven with good brakes.....I haven't had good brakes in years!! Feels like driving a new car! Thank you again Haasz Automall for another great trip to your service center. Another satisfied customer!!”

-- Posted by msjas520 on August 6, 2013 (DealerRater.com)

“This was THE BEST car buying that experience that I have ever had. Tom greeted me in the parking lot, I felt comfortable right out of the gate. He had to deal with some major obstacles to get the Jeep Patriot out for a test drive. He took the time before the test drive to point out some of the great features. When I went in to talk about the vehicle and what I wanted he was so nice and patient with all of my questions and concerns. Andy worked very hard to find the color and features I wanted Thank You, Andy . The only thing they didn't have that I wanted was a rear back-up camera. They told me no problem, they could do that. While we were waiting for the financing and stuff to finish Tom shared some family stories that I took much pleasure in listening to. It felt like I was in the living room of a good friend's house. Andy was awesome as well. I got the amount that I was hoping for on my trade-in. He came by several times to keep me informed on what was going on and what was happening. My Jeep came in late Friday evening Tom called to let me know, he was working late to do some paperwork and did not need to call until Saturday but he went the extra mile to let me know,much appreciated, Tom. I had had a family issue and had to leave Saturday morning to go out of town, the Haasz team made it possible for me to do that with my new jeep. Greg, my experience with you was most pleasurable. Can't wait to g Linda, thank you so much for your time and patience with my media issues. I am totally technically challenged, but you stuck it out and got the job done, you're my hero!!! Hope you had a wonderful vacation. I'm looking forward to seeing you all again when I come in to get my camera put in and the protective package put on. To the Haasz team: THANK YOU for making my Jeep buying experience pleasurable.”

-- Posted by Cindy E. on July 9, 2013 (DealerRater.com)

“Haasz is excellent on service and listening to customers. They fixed a minor but irritating problem after my warranty expired at no cost. Highly recommended.”

-- Posted by nhchazz on July 6, 2013 (DealerRater.com)

“My name is Victoria Edwards, I had some credit issues in the past. In 2009 I purchased a used vehicle from Fred Martin, I was giving secondary financing with a 24% interest rate, I knew it was steep but I needed someone to give me the chance to prove I was credit worthy.I made every payment on time or before it was due in order to regain some good credit, I was told if I did this I could come back in and buy whatever I wanted.Well, I paid the truck off in 2 yrs as agreed, I then started having problems so I thought it time to trade it in and get something more dependable. I went back to Fred Martin, needless to say I was treated as I had expected to be. I was told yes, you did good paying off the truck so we have 2 vehicles you can choose from also we will need an additional 1500.00 down payment. I was dissapointed so I drove my truck home and didnt think anymore about, figuring my credit was still not good enough. Until I really started having problems and was talking with some guys from work and they suggested Haazs. So, I went online and did the pre-approval still thinking this is a waste of time. I received a call from Erin right away. I told her of my experience and that if they didnt think they could help me I didnt want to waste their time as well as mine by coming over. She assured me something could be done, so we set a time and I went. I didnt want any pushy salesman greeting me and wanting to show me cars and get my hopes on something that wasnt going to happen. I walked in the door and was greeted right away. I told him I had an appointment with Erin, just then Frank Delaney walked up to me and the man at the desk said "shes here to see Erin" Frank said I know, Victoria please come with me. He was expecting me! I loved it. We went to his desk area I gave him all my information, yes we waited for a bit, then he came back to me and asked what my favorite color was, I replied Blue, he said Ok then walked back up to the desk area.When he came back, he said he seen that I paid my truck as agreed and that does count and said he was working on something that would make me very happy. I began to get excited yet not wanting to. Few moments later we saw a Blue Dodge Avenger pull up to the glass,Frank said "come with me" I thought I wonder who thats for, surely not me, I have never owned a brand new car.He said take this for a ride and tell me what you think, I was reluctant, he said Victoria, your approved!! It was so hard to keep from tearing up, I find myself doing so now, just reliving it.I got in the car, it smelled so good, like a brand new car, it was a brand new car. I took it for a ride and cried the whole time, I couldnt contain myself. My fiance was with me and kept telling me "good things come to good people". Upon arriving back to the dealership, I had stopped and bought Frank some fresh chocolate chip cookies, he laughed. So we did the paperwork and the payments are the almost the same as I was paying on my truck, he got me a way lower interest rate with a Bank, not secondary finance company, I was so pleased. He then introduced us to Kevin, the owner who thanked us and was happy they could help.I told them I was 50 yrs old and never owned a new car, they seemed just as excited as I was.They detailed it, filled it with gas, they paperwork was quick and very simple in terms I could understand. They made me feel so good, am still on cloud nine. I called my Insurance co, got everything set and was on my was on my way, and they took my old truck.I have told everyone I can think of and whomever I encounter about Frank Delaney and the folks at Haazs. They are a true blessing to me, I have the security and dependability I need at a payment I can afford. I thank them for everything and I will not go anywhere else ever for a car. My fiance will be going there soon to get him a car as well, he was also impressed with them. TJust a wonderful experience and we feel like family...Thank you very much!”

-- Posted by Victoria on June 27, 2013 (DealerRater)

I took my Jeep in for the first oil change and had a great experience with Haasz. All my oil changes and should the need arise for repairs will be done at Haasz. I feel very comfortable and confident that my vehicle will always be well taken care of. Thank you!!!”

-- Mimii (Cars.com 2/23/2012)

“When I arrived at Haasz before I even walked into the dealership everyone was so nice, I was met outside by a sales rep who worked with me through the whole process. I didn't have any particular car in mind when I came here and it was a good thing I didn't because there was soooo many different make and models to choose from! After test driving several I finally settled on an 09 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I love. The sales rep was so patient through the whole process and once I picked out my jeep the rest of the process was quick and smooth. We are planning on purchasing another vehicle in a month or so and I am for sure going back to Haasz”

-- loveOH (DealerRater.com 7/15/11)

“BEST DEALER AROUND. Everyone here treats me like I am one of the family they always get me in for service based on my schedule! They will give me a ride to home or work if I need it and the sales team are A++++ they always treat me like I am one of thier own family members and know me by name I tell all of my friends and family to go there for their new or used vehicle and I have purchased over 20 vehicles in my life time they make it hassle free!!!!!”

-- Jennifer G.(InsiderPages.com 6/27/2011)

Honest dealership. Haasz was the 4th dealership I visited in the north eastern Ohio dealer and frankly I was tired of being deceived by used car dealers. After being at Haasz for no more than 15 minutes I was extremely comfortable. The sales rep kept me well informed the entire time and answered all of my questions and it all sounded so honest. I found a 2010 impala that I loved and ended up purchasing from haasz. The whole experience was awesome and a lot better than the 3 previous dealers. I will come back to haasz again”

-- cash56(Akron.CitySearch.com 7/19/11)

“I bought my car from haasz a few years ago and i still go there to have my car serviced. they always do a great job, and my sales representative justin, still says hello to me everytime im there”

-- grammieks (Yellowpages.com 8/6/11)

“Being a young female I thought I would be taken advantage by a car sales rep but I was pleasantly surprised with my experience at Haasz, they explained everything to me so I understood and I felt respected and comfortable here and I didn't feel taken advantage of one bit.”

-- Andrea H (Women-Drivers.com 7/19/11)

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